This is an amazing course and it totally resonates with me. I had been avoiding starting to paint because I feared I was useless at it. Not so. After the first few "play dates" with my paints and even a pencil, I discovered that this is actually something I can do! Thanks for helping me overcome the barrier Nicola. I purchased more of you courses because of this one. William

I'm just starting to make art again after a long illness. This course was sweet and gentle, just enough to help me break out my watercolors and start to play again. I love the teacher's soothing voice. If you take this class, be prepared to paint alongside her, working on your separate project as she narrates her own. If you haven't played with paint for a long time, this class is like having a friend hold your hand while you begin. Harmony

I am one of those who loves to "gather the supplies" but then hits a wall when it comes time to really do it. This class gets the brush in your hand and on to playing, which is what it's all about. Overcoming the fear of failure is not an option because there are no expectations. Thanks for getting me started. Patricia

We will be forever grateful for your patience with us newbie’s, and would happily recommend you to anyone travelling abroad to do some painting with you. You're a great teacher Nicola. David and Deborah

Like many others before me, retiring to the south of France has given me the opportunity to try new ventures. Nicola has opened my eyes to the wonder and enjoyment of art. Under her enthusiastic and expert tuition, and her patience, I have been introduced to a new world of colour, light and form. It is an ongoing delight. Jo

Learning is easy as Nicola's explanations are always very clear. I find I am taking more risks with my painting and thoroughly enjoying it. Ann

This course accomplished the goal for me~ to get started with watercolors when I was pretty sure I could never do it! I've repeated the exercises quite a few times because I find it so relaxing and enjoyable! Jill

This course, as are all of Nicola's, was totally enjoyable, taught me many new things, and showed me that I can do a better job than I thought I could. Some major points that I learned are: patience makes for better art; checking the relative size of objects when planning a composition; and the importance of choosing a harmonious color palette Doris

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